Objectives of the Festival

  • To recognize and reward the work of our students and indie artists through film and animation festivals.
  • To encourage students and young indie filmmakers to produce high quality creative works.
  • To discover and develop talents from the youth and harness their energies and increase their confidence in highlighting the work of indie.
  • To provide an opportunity to exchange ideas among students and indie artists of national and international levels.
  • To develop the ability to appreciate, evaluate, analyze and discuss the indie creative artwork, and
  • To develop creativity and innovation, technical and analytical skills in the field of film and animation.







How to Send Large Files/Video via GMAIL/Google Drive




  1. Any student or an independent filmmaker from Asia or from any of the ASEAN member countries who are between the ages of 15 and 24 years (youth ages as defined by the United Nations).
  2. Creative works to be accepted must be in digital format recorded in a DVD disc that can be played back using any standard DVD player.
  3. Entries must have been produced and completed not earlier than 1 August 2016 and not later than 31 January 2018.
  4. Creative Industry professionals and those who are permanently employed in other companies are disqualified to join this competition.
  5. Those working on a freelance or part-time basis in the creative industry and other fields are invited to submit.
  6. Products that have competed in other international or local competitions can compete in AYIFF 2018.
  7. Asian and ASEAN students and indie filmmakers can submit a maximum of three (3) entries in each competition category.
  8. Entries are allowed in native language but with provision of English SUBTITLE.



Competition categories that filmmakers can choose to submit their entries:
  1. Narrative Film (should be maximum of 20 minutes TRT (Total Running Time)
  2. Documentary Film (should be maximum of 20 minutes TRT (Total Running Time)
  3. Animation Film (TRT is from 3 to 5 minutes)
  4. Anime Film (TRT is from 3 to 5 minutes)
  5. Music Video (should have maximum of 3 minutes TRT)
  6. Public Service Announcement (should have maximum of 3 minutes TRT)



Each entry should be accompanied with the following (NOTE: All these should be packaged in an large envelope containing the title of the entry, director’s/producer’s name, contact details of the director/producer.):
  1. 1-minute trailer recorded in a separate DVD disc.
  2. Hardcopy of the script/screenplay.
  3. Hardcopy of the storyboard.
  4. A full listing of the production crew/staff with complete names, designation, address, email address, and cell phone numbers.
  5. A back-up copy of the entry – either in a DVD disc or in a USB flash/thumb drive.
  6. 2-3 production stills (these are photographs of some scenes in your entry) – the production stills should be stored in a USB flash/thumb drive or a DVD disc.
  7. The ENTRY FEE - photocopy of the bank slip/telegraphic transfer receipt.

Filmmakers should ensure that one entry is recorded on the DVD disc that they will submit for competition.



A competition entry fee is required for EACH entry. Please see below: 

  • RM 100 (for each entry) for Malaysian Nationality 
  • USD 100 (for each entry) for Non-Malaysian Nationalilty 
  • The entry fee is non-refundable.



The 3rd Asian Youth Indie Film Festival 2018 (AYIFF 2018) encourages Asian and ASEAN students and indie filmmakers to produce creative works that are the narratives of their culture and their personal experiences. The festival gives recognition and honors to these filmmakers whose creative storytelling explores a range of human experiences that echoes the festival's theme of unleashing creative confidence. Because of this, the Asian Youth Film Festival encourages originality and creativity.

The AYIFF 2018 organizer and the judges reserve the right to exclude films that do not uphold the values of the competition. AYIFF 2018 organizers and the judges will likely exclude works that contain obscenity, nudity, violence, the macabre, or those that are risqué.



The festival organizers has a committee that will conduct a document assessment of all entries received on the competition deadline. The document assessment will entail the following:

  1. Inspection of entry forms if all data required are filled up.
  2. Inspection of required accompaniments to the entry.
  3. Checking of DVD if it will play back the film and checking of the back-up for the entry.
  4. Checking of the 1-minute trailer
  5. Ensuring that the script/screenplay, storyboard, production crew/staff list are submitted together with the entry.
  6. Ensuring that the 2-3 production stills are submitted.
  7. Proof of payment of entry fee.

In the event that an entry is found lacking in the required submissions, the festival organizers will get in touch with the entry’s director/producer and the latter must furnish the organizer with the requirement within 2 days from date of notice. Should the entry director/producer fails to comply, the entry will be withdrawn from the competition.



After completion of the document assessment, the festival organizers will come up with a short list of entries classified according to the competition categories and submit the list to the Festival Judges.

The AYIFF 2018 organizers will inform the entry’s director/producer through email if their entry was included in the shortlist for judging.



  • All entries will be judged by a panel of judges to be administered by the AYIFF Sub-Committee on Awards.
  • The judges will evaluate the entries based on a criteria rubric drafted for each category of the festival competition.
  • A score sheet will be provided to each judge and each one shall view each entry and write the score on the judging form.
  • The AYIFF Sub-committee on Awards will tally the scores based from the score sheet signed and submitted by each judge for each category. The entry with the highest score will receive the award for that category.
  • Should there be a tie in any of the categories, the judges will view anew the tied films and score them accordingly. The Judges shall decide on how to break the tie.
  • The AYIFF Judges may decline to give an award in a particular category if no entry meets the festival’s standard of quality.
  • Festival categories with fewer than 3 submissions may not be eligible for awards.
  • If there is no submission in any category, the AYIFF Judges and the Festival Organizers can delete the particular category from the awards list.
  • The AYIFF Judges reserve the right to create a special award if the situation and the entry merits it.



    • Deadline of entries : 15 Jan 2018

    • Screening of Entries :  16 Jan - 14 Feb 2018

    • Nomination (Short-listed) Notice : 15 Feb 2018

    • Awarding Ceremonies  : 10 Apr 2018



    • Best Narrative Film
    • Best Documentary Film
    • Best Animation Film
    • Best Anime Film
    • Best Music Video
    • Best Public Service Announcement
    • Special Jury Award
    • Promising Young Minds Awards



    • All those who will receive nomination notices are expected to attend the awards ceremonies on 10 April 2018 in Universiti Utara Malaysia.
    • Awards for the winning entries shall be given to the director or producer of the entry that is indicated on the entry form.
    • For entries that are produced in a joint directorial way (having 2 directors), the production group of that entry should assign a single representative to act on its behalf. This representative will receive the award for the entry.
    • The AYIFF organizers and judges shall not be held liable for any controversy regarding the sharing of awards or about the selected winners.
    • The decision of the judges is final.